Saturday, June 4, 2011

National Social Entrepreneurship Forum

National Social Entrepreneurship Forum was founded in 2009 by the group of like-minded socially active entrepreneurs with an aim to bridge the talent inequity in the social sector and foster ecosystems where social change catalysts are created and supported.
NSEF is a non profit organization promoting Social Entrepreneurship among the youth of India. It not only inspires but also helps in building people and organizations, who can effectively respond to social challenges, lead the movement for grass roots development and be the premier place for social entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate, learn and develop social innovations. 

NSEF facilitates resources for social entrepreneurs through mentoring and networking and collaborates in programs with congruent organizations for. It establishes and fosters an open forum for the exchange of ideas, concerning the societal well being of the national and global community.

For more Insight, visit: National Social Entrepreneurship Forum


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