Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kush Kalra

 with inputs: Soubhik C.

Kush Kalra, a final year Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law student, is a change maker himself, a prolific essayist; he has been raising his voice in many forums for protection of human rights and environment. He has been awarded for the correct expression in regard to the comparative studies of religious merits and the general Knowledge, a regional finalist (Punjab) of International Climate Champions, a winner of Green Apple Award for Environment and Karmaveer Puruskar for Human Rights Initiatives besides being the recipient of Kamla Chowdhry Fellowship from Centre for Science and Environment. Recently he was conferred with the Gold Standard of the International Award for Young People

Enjoy reading the motivational interview…

  • When you did first thought of being an ambassador of social change?
I never work for any incentives or rewards. My basic theory of life is to start a day with doing some innovative/productive work and the day is wasted for me if I can’t do something new in a day. I don’t consider myself as an ambassador of social change because I have to go miles before I sleep and a lot to do for people of my INDIA.

  • When the philosophy of ‘Being the change you believes in’ crept in you?
From the earlier days straight from my childhood I wanted to do something creative, something which others weren’t interested at. I wanted to stand apart from rest of the crowd by doing something constructive.   

  • What were your efforts to bring in the social change?
I am involved in all types social activities starting from providing food and clothes to poor to educating people about there human  rights and duties.

  • What you expect from life?
I don’t expect anything from LIFE. I only want to utilize every single second of my life constructively for betterment of the society

  • India is a reservoir of cultures, ideals and morals, often many of them clash together. How do you think can the Indian society move in a positive direction in this scenario?
Just by creating and making More Swami Vivekananda and more Mahatma Gandhi

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