Friday, June 10, 2011

HarVa-Harnessing value of Rural India

About 72 percent of India's billion-plus people live in rural areas. Traditionally, rural economy is characterized by village farming, modern agriculture, handicrafts, and a wide range of support services. HarVa works for improving the lifestyle of rural India.
HarVa means Green for the villages and stands for “Harnessing Value” of rural India. HarVa, a rural start up primarily focuses on Skill Development, BPO, Community based farming and Microfinance, aspires for sustainable inclusive growth by creating value in the heart of Rural India which happens to be the Real India. HarVa specializes in finding the right approach to achieving maximum social, economic and environmental sustainability through appropriate development in rural India. 

HarVa believes in collective growth and endeavors to train entire village families and employ them according to their skill which helps in not only building strong relationships but also ensuring that attrition is minimal. It enhances productivity and efficiency by bringing in the feeling of competitiveness. 

Most of the HarVa’s out-of-the-box ideas may seem unconventional yet they prove beneficial in bringing about sustainable rural transformation and redefines present mindset of people. Their biggest asset lies in the fact that every person associated with HarVa is a social entrepreneur with the ability to visualize and articulate new approach of problem solving.

Passion of Ajay Chaturvedi, founder & Chairman, and team to make a positive difference in rural India despite facing significant social, economic and ecological challenges is praiseworthy.

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