Monday, December 19, 2011


Parinamika, is a Non-Profit organization aimed at Social Causes. It’s a student led Social Activism group that resonates the voice of the people of India. Parinamika was founded by Adoksh Shastry- a student at the School of Law, Christ University Bangalore. It currently has 19 founding members.

Parinamika aims at Social change. Its objective is to resonate with the voice of the people to bring about effective results. It is a student run Social activism group and has its motto as ‘Resulting in Change’. Parinamika fights for the change that may be Social, Moral, Legal or Ethical. 

The Organization functions on the ideals of educative results and proactive movement. Its objective is to voice the youth's opinion and create an impact on society. Its mission is to enhance Youth Participation in Societal Development and to produce strong and committed youth leaders for the nation with a history of having positively impacted society. 

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