Sunday, September 18, 2011

REPORTER: Soubhik chakrabarti

The inception of Notehall was done by Sean Conway, Justin Miller, D.J. Stephan and Fadi Chalfoon at University of Arizona , US A in 2008. The concept of Notehall that students would get money for making notes and sharing them caught up and by February 2011, Notehall had total student earnings exceed $623,00. Then, Notehall entered India through and have made great inroads. Their desire is to bring classmates together in a virtual setting  and enhance their overall academic success.

Through both tutors and students can buy or sell study guides, share notes from lecture and from class documents. They can also share reading notes and buy or sell outlines of any class project that is imaginable. The website also enables University students to supply additional study materials like lecture notes, class notesand study guides to the marketplace. This would help students who see important notes missing right last night before exam. One can get the exact notes required in Notehall. The notes too will be clean as they will be typed and are easy to understand without the use of acronyms that one wouldn’t know. 

The system of buying notes is simple too. One doesn’t have to fish out debit/credit card each time for buying the notes. There is a credit system by which a student can purchase a credit package once and use it to but various notes. 

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