Thursday, September 22, 2011

Piramal School of Leadership

Correspondent: Ira Swasti

The Piramal School of Leadership is a first-of-its-kind school for principals of public schools in India – yes, you read that right -- a school for principals. The founder Mr. Aditya Natraj is passionate about education and believes that good leadership goes a long way in bringing about any change in society.  Thus, the Piramal School of Leadership endeavors to empower school principals with essential leadership skills, motivation and training to help run their schools better—without charge.

The curriculum entails a three-way learning process using workshops, on-site coaching and self-learning material. One of the principals from the program tearfully said to Natraj, one day: “For the first time in 25 years, my students asked me to stay back in class and not go.”  That feeling for a teacher is indescribable in words.

PSL a three-year program launched in 2008 and has had three batches since – one in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, another in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and the latest in Chandrapur, Maharashtra.  The idea was to understand the education system and teaching environment of a rural, urban and tribal region and formulate a universal model for principal training programs that could incorporated in universities across India. The ultimate goal of the initiative after all, is to ensure every child in India goes to school.

To be a Gandhi fellow and work with PSL principals, Click here. 

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