Thursday, June 30, 2011


The motto of Twenty19 is built on - "Listen to students, understand them, give them what they need”. The name Twenty19 symbolizes the vibrant and passionate tribe of college students in their late teens & early twenties.

Twenty19 believes that the real learning for a student lies beyond the four walls of a classroom. Students can gain meaningful knowledge and skills only when they take initiatives and get hands on experience in the real world. This platform enables students to equip themselves in the best possible way to live their dream career.

Twenty19 spent their initial days hanging around in the college canteens and corridors interacting with students to understand them and their needs. Twenty19 team adds that they exist to make real impact on real people, everyday. For them the inspiration to continuously do good come from witnessing the students benefit from twenty19. The potential to bring about a real change drives them! 

Twenty19 big vision is to enable every student to be in a position to choose and pursue their dream career.

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  1. I must say...N2MN is better than reading the newspaper....Loving so much of information at a single platform..keep writing.

  2. Gargi: Thanks a lot:) This is something I dreamt, the only source of inspiration and motive behind N2MN. visit its FB page for latest updates.