Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rajpurohit Seva Sansthan

Reporter: Govind Tamboli

Rajpurohit Seva Sansthan is a non-profit, non-governmental and non- political voluntary social service organization established in the year 2000 with its head office at Udaipur. 

Main objective of the organization is to serve the animals that are left unattended, thirsty and hungry.  Second aim of the Sansthan is to bring about remarkable development in the life of poor and illiterate rural people with special attention to the tribal residing in and around unapproachable and hilly areas. More emphasis is given on their socio-economic development. Sansthan runs a “Gau Shala” in village Isali near Marwar to achieve its above mentioned aims. 

Also, Sansthan organizes various Blood Donation and Eye Donation camps. Sansthan has recently initiated a project name Intregrated Tribal Children Development Program which takes proper care of the children from very infant age. The child labours working in remote urban areas are brought to the child labour rehabilitation centre. They are provided education, health checkups, treatment, general care and nutritious food in this centre. They are also provided personality development training. The organization aims at establishing orphanages for the poor orphans. 

know more about the organization, click here. 

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