Saturday, June 18, 2011


Aditya Singh and Vidhan Ashok's vision of having an organization where there is Passion for Excellence, Inclusive Development, Peace and Harmony led to the foundation of Alexis on 1st November, 2009.

Alexis is an International Not-for-Profit & Non-Political Organisation with Passion for Excellence. It focuses on providing a platform for youth leadership development, offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matters the most.

It mainly consists of socially motivated Students and Young Professionals with different Academic, Ethnic, Social and Economic backgrounds from Best Institutes around the World.

Alexis strives hard to develop and encourage all types of cultural and literary activities like Music, Literature, Painting, Sketching, Graphic Designing, Photography, Film Making, Journalism so on by providing education and training in above mentioned respective fields. Not only this but also it provides career counseling and impart useful personality development tips to students. It promotes activities like Family Planning, HIV/AIDS Awareness, TB & Polio Awareness, Rural Development, Health-care Facilities, Women Empowerment, Adult Education, Skill Development etc. and coordinate with Government, Non-Government Organizations, International Organizations, Citizen Groups, Public & Private Institutions, Companies, Firms and Individuals in these and various other areas.

Alexis conducts theatre plays, producing documentaries on social causes like welfare and development of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe people, welfare of women and children and also on cultural activities like music, history, folklore, tribal art etc. It publishes and distributes useful literary works for the welfare and development of minorities, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes and also for Youth, Women and Child Welfare (including rehabilitation programmes). It also conducts conduct awareness programmes on various social, environmental and economic issues and various policies of Central & State Governments.

Alexis promotes literacy, scientific, cultural and social improvement of all classes of community, of both sexes, by conducting lectures, workshops, conferences, seminars and competitions.

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