Saturday, September 3, 2011

4th EdelGive Social Innovation Honours 2012

Reporter: Kanika Kakkar

The 4th EdelGive Social Innovation Honours 2012 is a national awards programme instituted by the EdelGive Foundation, to reward innovative work in the social sector in India. 

The objective for the EdelGive Social Innovation Honours is to identify and reward organizations that are innovating to empower women in India. 

In India there’s an urgent need for progress which makes EdelGive Social Innovation focus on funding and showcasing for innovative work that helps to empower women in five four different categories: Education, Health and Well-Being, Livelihoods and Rights and Representation. 

EdelGive Foundation is an initiative of Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd., one of India’s leading financial services firms. It provides strategic direction to the philanthropic activities of Edelweiss, its employees, clients and associates. 

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