Friday, September 2, 2011


Aavishkaar aims to harness the entrepreneurial spirit at the bottom of the pyramid to create inclusive economic development. It seeks to empower disadvantaged and rural communities through infusion of commercial activities. Typically entrepreneurs who operate at the lower end of the economic spectrum are overlooked by financiers as they are categorized as being too small and risky.

They believe that not only do these entrepreneurs have potential to create widespread impact on local communities through boosting local production and creating livelihood opportunities but also provide attractive commercial returns. At Aavishkaar they have taken it upon themselves to be the leaders of micro equity investments to create scalable small entrepreneurs with significant social impact.

Aavishkaar provides risk capital and support to early stage ventures. Aavishkaar works very closely with its investee companies. Aavishkaar’s investments span a wide number of sectors such as Technology for Development, Handicrafts, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Rural Innovations, Health and Education.

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