Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ekjaa-Unanimous Growth

Ekjaa is a persian word which means Unanimous. Ekjaa is the first organization in the world to provide Hybrid Solution with donate and the lend model on the same platform in the social sector. They help to raise social awareness and responsibility among the members of society and bring them together to support each other.

Ekjaa brings NGOs, MACs, MFIs, Corporate and Educational Institution all together to contribute in the upliftment of society by not only raising funds but also providing social and humanitarian support to build a better world for tomorrow. 

Ekjaa is one body with different financial institutions and individuals as its soul. Its mission is to serve as a common platform for all sections of society to come together and contribute towards holistic development of Humanity. 

It aims for Fund Raising, Fund Monitoring and Providing Humanitarian Support. Its vision is to make every individual contribute to the growth of the country and society at a large scale and thereby make every person live with self-dignity and pride.

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