News Not Making News aka N2MN is in a business of transforming and revolutionizing news content.  It publishes news on topics which needs utmost attention and features matter which can bring on a sustainable development in the society irrespective of the region, place or country. 

News Not Making News is a blog dedicated in letting the world know about news which must have been the news but lacked crispiness needed to be in the prime-time. Commercialization of media in the last decade saw a monumental increase in the number of websites, news channel, print media, etc related with news. Yet the level of content which got published deteriorated significantly.

News Not Making News (from here on refer as N2MN) fills the void and works on providing the news which actually matters to the public. N2MN is completely news based website irrespective of its competitors who are more or less popularity driven.

N2MN acts as a voice for the weakest section of the societies. N2MN talks on issues of public importance which the younger generation has forgotten in the mist of commercialization.

N2MN acts as a platform for the world to know about any scientific invention taking place in the villages of India. Don't take it as a other gossip column but a site committed to deliver only news.

This blog is a pilot project being run with an aim to know the market size of the future N2MN website.

Thanks Tarunima :)

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