Monday, June 4, 2012

HEN India : Red Letter Day Post

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Her Entrepreneurial Network is a platform to bring Indian women entrepreneurs together to INSPIRE, INFORM & SUPPORT each other to create successful businesses with balanced lives. HEN- Her Entrepreneurial Network is about empowering Indian Women in Business and understands their scope and growth of work better.
HEN’s mission is to enhance the culture of entrepreneurship among Indian women in business through networking, sharing information and experiences to support & inspire each other to create successful businesses, while balancing personal and professional life.

The network was initiated on 5th January, 2011 and today is a network of 1200+Indian women entrepreneurs. HEN INDIA is meant to bring Indian Women Entrepreneurs to come on one platform to exchange business services. Come together to learn and grow and create an healthy environment for professional competition.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Jamghat is a registered NGO that offers opportunities for street children and society to come together and make a positive change in each other’s lives. Jamghat provides an opportunity for children to leave the streets, be educated and receive vocational training while sharing their stories with volunteers. These volunteers come to offer guidance, care and organize empowering workshops for the children.

Through Theatre, Nightwalks, a Residential Home and Day Care Centre, the goal of Jamghat is to build respect for street children within society until the ‘street’ identity is removed and the children are active participants in a world that previously chose to ignore them. Established in 2003, Jamghat comprises of young adult professionals and volunteers with a variety of skills and experiences.  

Its mission is to provide an environment where street children can evolve as physically and emotionally healthy, self-dependent individuals, living a life of their choice. It uses street and stage theatre to nurture self confidence in the children and build awareness in society on key social issues related to street children.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Indian Upside

Indian Upside is an idea of positivity about India. From the childhood we are told India is a great country and today we know that India is progressing super fast. Indian Upside is a platform where people share what they know about the greatness of India.

Together they find out all the key aspects what they think what makes India really a great country and how much they are proud to be not only its citizens but its own children who are determined to reinforce the image of India as a Super Nation.

Indian Upside hopes to create an environment of positivity and makes people proud of their Nation. It finds out what is good around and what can make India even better. Its mission is to showcase the brighter side of India and to make every Indian proud of its Nation. It works to make every citizen contribute towards the growth of its country. 

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Monday, May 14, 2012

BHUMI: Awakening India

Bhumi is a "Center for learning transformational Grass Roots Leadership" fueled by a vision to create an equitable and strife free society by grooming transformational leaders who will bring about large scale, holistic and sustainable transformation. BHUMI wishes to be a bench mark in grooming transformational leaders across social and economic classes to enable an equitable and strife free society.

Bhumi works for crafting unique leadership learning journeys that enable individuals to bring about empowerment and transformation of marginalized communities while providing opportunity for the individuals to practice leadership in real-life settings.

Bhumi is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working towards sustainable transformation of communities. Its mission is to develop pipelines of leaders and entrepreneurs within communities who are capable of addressing challenges of development and poverty in holistic ways. Bhumi nurtures the capacities of people by developing platforms and frameworks for experiential learning in the areas of Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Management Skills and Vocational Skills and making active & democratic citizen participation the basis for all systemic engagement. 

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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Team HAYA is a group of young automobile enthusiasts, from Peoples Education Society Institute of Technology (PESIT), committed to build cars within a prescribed standards and budget and to take part in Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) events happening in India and across the globe. Students at HAYA are prepared to be constantly challenged in an increasingly competitive environment, equipped with a holistic skill set to face the real world. HAYA has provided an apt platform for the vibrant students to expand their boundaries, collaborate and learn.

HAYA provides great experience for young engineers in a meaningful engineering project as well as an opportunity of working in a dedicated team effort. HAYA was the brain child of a few students who presented an overview of FSAE to their fellow mates seeking volunteers from amongst them to cover the technical and administrative aspects of the endeavor. The students named the team Haya, meaning horse, to bring in an element of Indian culture.

The real inspiration to undertake this activity came from a group of bright engineers, who wanted to do something unique. Indeed, designing a Formula 1 race car is the aspiration of practically every budding mechanical engineer.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Support Foundation

By: Kimberley

Support Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization, formed by professionals from diversified fields but with one vision to work for the mental well being of the people of different areas of the society irrespective of age, sex and religion. At Support foundation they firmly believe that-

"Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you're needed by someone."

Their primarily focuses is on needful & effective grass root level working in the field of mental health & persons suffering from temporary & permanent mental and physical disability. At Support foundation they focus on situation based customized low cost but effective working plan towards the cause, so that their limited funds can be utilized for larger group of children & adults suffering from mental illness and disabilities.

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