I will be more happy if you can suggest news with relevant facts which needs utmost attention !
( please stick to the theme of N2MN)

People, we’ve been talking important news every weekday and one question I get asked over and over is “How can I submit my own?” I’m constantly humbled and amazed by the flood of important news people send me and I feel like I’m way, way too lucky to be the only one reading them all.

Well, now’s it’s time to keep the N2MN going. If you’d like your news to be considered for use on, just write up an important news less than 100 words and send it over.

I’m going to need your help to pull this off and so I just want to say thanks for reading, thanks for sending your news, and thanks for being so incredibly revolutionary.
  • If you have a story idea for N2MN – about yourself, your company or organization, a company/organization you represent or are involved with, or something compelling that you think should be covered by N2MN – here are a few tips:
    • Keep it short: If you want to pitch an idea, please be brief. Concisely outline your proposed subject, why its important, why its relevant now, and then mail it to us.
    • Be real: We like real stories about real people more than big think pieces about abstract concepts.
    • Be of good cheer: Whether your article is placed in N2MN or not, keep writing!