Monday, November 28, 2011


by: Kanika Kakkar
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I LIVE 2 LEAD (iL2L) is a non-profit organization providing high-level leadership skill development for small group of young women from around the world, ages 15-21, who have demonstrated exceptional leadership ability. In addition, iL2L educates young women about the rich history of women around the globe who have led their countries.

iL2L develops the next generation of women leaders through leadership skills training, meetings with inspiring role models, planning with a personal mentor and the continuing support of a mentoring community.

iL2L offers an alternative to popular culture's entertainment stars by allowing Summit participants to personally meet with women leaders in the fields of diplomacy, politics, media and business. For those who cannot attend the Summit, iL2L provides an opportunity on its website for young women from around the world to hear current women leaders offer their personal advice to young women who aspire to leadership.

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Friday, November 25, 2011


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iXiGO, launched in 2007, is a global travel search engine. It searches more than 100 travel sites to find the best flight, hotel deals. Its mission is to aggregate travel information and make it searchable and useful with passion of bringing a technology that brings speed, usability and transparency to the travel world. It is among the NASSCOM 100 IT Innovators 2007.

iXiGO is an infomediary, not an intermediary. That means it’s NOT an online travel agency. It just let you search directly across multiple airlines, hotels, buses, trains and online travel agencies in real-time so that you don't need to search a zillion travel websites. It thus aims to make your travel search easier for you, the same way Google does for information on websites.

iXiGO is a search of the traveler, by the traveler and for the traveler. Unlike travel agencies, there are no biases or commercially-motivated deals within their results. They provide objective, comprehensive and transparent information to assist us in making informed traveling. iXiGO's utility and ease of use have made it a top travel search engine almost entirely through word of mouth from satisfied users. 

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ekjaa Campus Leader

The Ekjaa Campus Leader (ECL) program transforms people to undertake leadership roles and hones managerial skills. The Leader would form a team of Task Managers who would perform pre-disbursal monitoring and select the project. The projects would be further streamlined by the Leader and showcased and marketed on online social portals and offline.

The Campus Leaders and Task managers would own the social project on Ekjaa that is doing marketing of the project through Ekjaa, ensuring the right use of funds, working on fund-raising strategies, HR and finance related activities. This gives people an opportunity to implement their knowledge at grass root level and gain practical experience.

The program is already being implemented at IIT-Mumbai by Aditi Jain who views it as “ a unique opportunity for young people to use their skills to achieve a unanimous growth” and at Vellore Institute of Technology by Abhishek Jain. These kind of programs encourage community engagement and guides youth on the way to be rightly involved in social welfare activities and indulge a sense of responsibility in them towards society.
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kush Kalra

 with inputs: Soubhik C.

Kush Kalra, a final year Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law student, is a change maker himself, a prolific essayist; he has been raising his voice in many forums for protection of human rights and environment. He has been awarded for the correct expression in regard to the comparative studies of religious merits and the general Knowledge, a regional finalist (Punjab) of International Climate Champions, a winner of Green Apple Award for Environment and Karmaveer Puruskar for Human Rights Initiatives besides being the recipient of Kamla Chowdhry Fellowship from Centre for Science and Environment. Recently he was conferred with the Gold Standard of the International Award for Young People

Enjoy reading the motivational interview…

  • When you did first thought of being an ambassador of social change?
I never work for any incentives or rewards. My basic theory of life is to start a day with doing some innovative/productive work and the day is wasted for me if I can’t do something new in a day. I don’t consider myself as an ambassador of social change because I have to go miles before I sleep and a lot to do for people of my INDIA.

  • When the philosophy of ‘Being the change you believes in’ crept in you?
From the earlier days straight from my childhood I wanted to do something creative, something which others weren’t interested at. I wanted to stand apart from rest of the crowd by doing something constructive.   

  • What were your efforts to bring in the social change?
I am involved in all types social activities starting from providing food and clothes to poor to educating people about there human  rights and duties.

  • What you expect from life?
I don’t expect anything from LIFE. I only want to utilize every single second of my life constructively for betterment of the society

  • India is a reservoir of cultures, ideals and morals, often many of them clash together. How do you think can the Indian society move in a positive direction in this scenario?
Just by creating and making More Swami Vivekananda and more Mahatma Gandhi

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Karm Marg

 - inputs by Kanika Kakkar

Karm Marg, a non-governmental organization, started in 1997 is committed to the cause of supporting disadvantaged children and young adults. Set in the outskirts of New Delhi, Karm Marg runs a home, Karm Gaon, which provides a loving space for such children to live, study, work and play together in.

The focus groups for Karm Marg are disadvantaged children, young adults and economically backward rural women from villages near the campus. The products made by these people are sold under the brand Jugaad. It’s worth noting that most of the Jugaad products utilize as much recycled and reused raw material as possible.

Karm Marg also imparts training in mainstream education, medical care, counseling, health and hygiene advocacy, sports, visual & performing arts besides providing shelter to the needy children. 

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Israel Herald

Israel Herald was established in September 2002 to provide up-to-the minute local news, together with national and international headlines as part of a global network pooling resources to deliver a quality service to member sites. Each online publication has been modeled on a newspaper format for familiar readability by users. 

The locations forming part of the network were selected on the basis of demand for news for that location. Israel Herald, effectively an online newspaper, provides coverage of the city, the metro and regional area. 

International news, business and finance stories are common across the network of sites, and are drawn from a number of sources including wire services. Israel Herald and the other sites are administered by Midwest Radio Network from offices in Sydney, Australia.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

with inputs: Govind T helps enable the very poor of the world to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty. It provides small loans, business training and community development programs through a network of locally-led organizations in twelve countries to equip poor families to improve their lives.

After more than two decades of work across the developing world, understands that poor people in every country have skills and initiative that they want to use to lift their families out of poverty. Instead of a handout in the form of aid, many thousands of poor clients have received a hand up through training and small business loans. programs do not discriminate on the basis of religious affiliation or impose any religious requirements on prospective or current clients. Also, each endPoverty project is designed to produce an indigenous, independent ministry, one that is expected to stand on its own financially within a few years.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Colloquium

With inputs @ Ramya A.
The Colloquium is an online quarterly that seeks to bring forward a whole plethora of socio-politico-economic-cultural-scientific and other academic issues to the public flora, in order to facilitate a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas.
Their mission is to think with an inverted conscience (trying to make sense of things even if they seem to be UP SIDE DOWN).  They, at The Colloquium, do not subscribe to the theory of copyright and welcome you  to use the material published there for any academic purpose, with due acknowledgement.
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