Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rahul Mehta-a true nationalist

Rahul Mehta, a 42 year old, is the founder member of the Right to Recall Group. A computer science graduate from IIT Delhi who later went on to do his MS in Computer Science at Rutgers University beside developing software in a US firm studied  US police, courts, Military, banking, money creation, administration etc for several years. Later, Indian Government filthy attitude compelled him to study Indian courts, police, banking, money creation, administration etc.

He contested against the mighty BJP leader Shri L.K. Advani in the last general elections only to make people aware about Right to Recall law. His uniqueness lies in the fact that his election campaign consisted of only 5 newspaper advertisements and some 20000 pamphlets without any slogans or shrills. He even for once never tried to organize rallies and poll campaigns in his favor to ouster his competitors as he thought it all to be wastage of both time and money of not only his and but the public as a whole. 

He painstakingly campaigns and fight for the cause of bringing Right to Recall as one of the fundamental rights. And in absence of Right to Recall, all promises made by our politicians are useless. RRG is perhaps first and the only political group in India where donations are prohibited.

Journalists: Y. Rohit; S. Rachit
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  1. very informative!
    im really glad to read about such an inspiring personality!
    thanks for sharing:)

  2. great post....informative....thanks for sharing...

  3. Tarunima: Thanks for commenting over here, keep coming back for more such inspiring posts.:)

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  4. a really feels good when we come to about such people..really inspiring..

  5. my request to the author -----------

    please remove the word gandhian from the url of this page ... its a abusive word for all RRG members ...

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  6. This guy gave 11 years of his life to write such impeccable law drafts please check . HE NEEDS TO BE PROMOTED MORE THAN ANY KEJRIWALS OR ANNAS

  7. I have heard many of Their videos & read their blogs, I haven't found som1 so informative, as them yet ! Every Indian MUST Watch/Read their Videos/Blogs to know the hidden thing behind & The need of the Hour to Implement the Real/meaningful/Fruitful/ laws for the Upliftment of Our Nation

  8. I understand everybody Can't help them/RTR directly/Physically. But though as Ordinary Indians we can help them/RTR indirectly by Sharing/SUBSCRIBING/Liking Their YouTube Channel named "RightToRecallGroup" , Following "Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta Rgr" in Facebook or Joining " Right to Recall Group " on Facebook. Jai Hind

  9. He is Truly A Nationalist a Freedom Fighter. I Request You To Please Remove Word Gandhian And Instead Write Nationalist As Gandhi is The one reason why we got independence so late and so shallow.