Monday, December 5, 2011

Liberal Youth Forum

by Soubhik Chakrabarti

Liberal Youth Forum is a movement consisting of individuals from all walks of society who collaborate together to bring about a positive change in the cultural, economic, political and environment spheres with an intent to have a freer India. The LYF team of India consists of distinguished individuals from the fields of law to media.

The Liberal Youth Forum in India believes that the youth of the country are the harbingers of justice in the society. The youth are the ones who can initiate reforms and bring about a change in the society. The Liberal Youth forum through its workshops and activities wishes to make the youth of the country more aware of their rights and duties and also bring a more liberal approach to their thinking, by which they are able to tolerate and appreciate other’s views and opinions which might run contrary to their beliefs.  

Liberal Youth Forum helps the youth to speak up against injustice, right from the college level and even finding solutions to the many problems of political, social, economic and cultural rigidities that plague the society. LYF even hires interns and conducts seminars so if you are interested, you might even join as an intern in the various positions available.

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