Thursday, September 29, 2011

Educate to Empower

Education is going to play a big and deciding role in development of any economy in the current information and knowledge age. E2E is a group of motivated and enthusiastic youngsters who have come together to work on a common objective of sustainable and meaningful development of this country. They have started with an important aspect – education, which plays the most important role in the development of any nation. Their main aim is to provide solutions and services to schools at primary, secondary and higher secondary levels. The service is also available for the entrepreneurs or community who want to build a school from scratch. 

Their vision is to create an effective education system that improves on the existing system and provides better opportunities to the young citizens of this country. Through their initiative, they want to create schools which will be structurally based on the existing education system of India but conceptually different in the sense that the stress would be on learning rather than just scoring.

They are working to provide effective education at an affordable price for the masses, create a large number of skilled people who can work in the current knowledge society, empower the students with knowledge, value system and technology so that they are capable enough to solve the problems existing in the society and can lead it towards sustainable growth, develop centres which will train the teachers to deliver effective education and also do continuous research to find out and work on the shortcomings of the existing education system, etc. 

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lahore Conspiracy Case


Bhagat Singh formed a small group of three members, namely, he him­self, Sukhdeva and Bijoy Kumar Sinha, which began to think as to how best to realize the aims of their party by utilizing this very trial. They determined that the whole proceedings should be so conducted as to best serve to propagate their ideas, aims, objects and methods. 

Man acts only when he is sure of the justness of his action, as we threw the bomb in the Legislative Assembly.
~ Bhagat Singh Quotes

Whenever any opportunity arose for demonstration, the undertrials never let it slip., Thus, there were demonstrations in the open court on the "Kakori Day", "Lenin Day", "First May", "Lajpat Rai Day", and on particular occasions such as the death of Shyamaji Krishna Varma, the death of a political prisoner due to hunger strike in Hungary, and such others.

One memorable event in the course of the trial in the Magistrate's court was the attempt to handcuff the prisoners in the court. Bhagat, Singh and others at once determined that, come what may, they would never attend the court unless the order was rescinded. The police authorities after succumbing to all torturous methods submitted a report, to which the jail authorities concurred, that it is possible to beat the revolutionaries and even kill them, but it was not possible to bring them to court. As a result, the Magistrate had to rescind his order. crushing individuals, they cannot kill ideas.
~ Bhagat Singh Quotes

The Lahore Conspiracy Case gained un­precedented publicity throughout India, and even beyond India. A lady from Poland sent a remittance with a request that detailed proceedings might be sent to her regularly. Donations came from Japan, Canada, and even distant South America. As the Government began to perceive the tremendous effect the Lahore Cons­piracy Case trial was having on the youth of the country, they felt nervous and began to think a way out of it. Ultimately they hit upon the Lahore Conspiracy Case Ordinance. 

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Monday, September 26, 2011


Correspondent: Alam Bains

Techwomen is an initiative of the U.S Department of State’s  Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It is a professional mentor-ship and exchange programme that identifies 38 women who are emerging leaders in technical fields in Muslim communities in the Middle-East and North Africa region and brings them to United States for a five week, project-based mentoring programme at leading technology companies in the Silicon Valley. 

TechWomen strengthens participants’ professional capacity, expands and diversifies networks of technology professionals in the Middle East and North Africa region, fortifies partnerships between the U.S and the chosen region and expands their interest in tech-based careers by exposing them to role models in the technology field.

Mentorship participants are selected from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, West Bank and Ghaza and some of the companies supporting TechWomen include Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Cisco Systems, IBM, Intel, AT&T, HP, Microsoft Corporation and Twitter among others.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Young Achiever 2011

Reporter: Bindu N. Doddahatti

Are you between 16-28 years of age and a resident of Karnataka, with a significant achievement to your credit? Or do you know of such a person, or team, whose achievement you think deserves to be recognised?

The state-wide award was instituted by Rotary Bangalore Midtown & Brigade Group in 2006. Its purpose is to appreciate and encourage the achievements of young people in different areas of endeavour. This is not a competition, but recognition of the proven and demonstrable achievements of an individual / team.

The selected individual / team will be awarded a cash prize of 
Rs. 100,000 accompanied by a trophy and a citation.  

Last date for receipt of entries is Wednesday, 28 September 2011.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Piramal School of Leadership

Correspondent: Ira Swasti

The Piramal School of Leadership is a first-of-its-kind school for principals of public schools in India – yes, you read that right -- a school for principals. The founder Mr. Aditya Natraj is passionate about education and believes that good leadership goes a long way in bringing about any change in society.  Thus, the Piramal School of Leadership endeavors to empower school principals with essential leadership skills, motivation and training to help run their schools better—without charge.

The curriculum entails a three-way learning process using workshops, on-site coaching and self-learning material. One of the principals from the program tearfully said to Natraj, one day: “For the first time in 25 years, my students asked me to stay back in class and not go.”  That feeling for a teacher is indescribable in words.

PSL a three-year program launched in 2008 and has had three batches since – one in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, another in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and the latest in Chandrapur, Maharashtra.  The idea was to understand the education system and teaching environment of a rural, urban and tribal region and formulate a universal model for principal training programs that could incorporated in universities across India. The ultimate goal of the initiative after all, is to ensure every child in India goes to school.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Literacy India

Reporter: Kanika Kakkar

Literacy India, a non-profit organization was set up in 1996 with the objective of empowering underprivileged children and women by making them self-sufficient. Literacy India has clearly set the three E’s as its goal on a process of achieving in next decade i.e., Education, Empowerment and Employment. They endeavor to bridge this gap by imparting quality education and teaching students a variety of vocational skills in performing arts, computer animation, science, technology and vocation etc. 

Literacy India is focused on bringing about a Qualitative change in the lives of underprivileged children by giving a different meaning to education. We are looking at transforming the education landscape by introducing innovative methods of education to give children a wider canvas of exposure in a socio-cultural environment.

Keeping in view the rising problems of population and unemployment, the root cause for which is illiteracy and ignorance, Literacy India has taken on the task of creating awareness on the importance of education for under privileged children and youth.

Literacy India is doing pioneering work experimenting with a totally new educational model. This has been developed from a vision that underprivileged children should be provided an opportunity and a platform to equip them with basic education and also to nurture and develop their latent talents and skills in order to realize their maximum potential.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Isha Kakaria : Social Activist

Isha Kakaria, a business graduate, inspired by Mother Teresa is the founder of Chandigarh based NGO Tammana. Passion for social work drove her to start an NGO for the welfare of the society. Tammana not only helps the society but also provide many other people like her a platform to showcase their love and care towards the society.
Insipred by her critics Isha launched Tammana’s first social programme three years back on 1st September 2008, from where it has never looked back. TAMMANA does not charge any membership fees and is completely a voluntary NGO. Tammana once a one-man start is now 75+ members strong. TAMMANA looks forward to continue serving with the same pure intentions, consistency, same increasing enthusiastic team and the never give up attitude.

Isha adds, people usually think about serving, but one often stays back in lieu of shortage of time and resources. However, TAMMANA took the courage of bringing a change in the minds of many and had let them know that where lies a will, comes a way. 

Isha besides being the winner of women achiever award and social service award was also awarded commendation award for her selfless service on Independence Day by Shri.Shivraj Patil, Governor, Punjab.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

REPORTER: Soubhik chakrabarti

The inception of Notehall was done by Sean Conway, Justin Miller, D.J. Stephan and Fadi Chalfoon at University of Arizona , US A in 2008. The concept of Notehall that students would get money for making notes and sharing them caught up and by February 2011, Notehall had total student earnings exceed $623,00. Then, Notehall entered India through and have made great inroads. Their desire is to bring classmates together in a virtual setting  and enhance their overall academic success.

Through both tutors and students can buy or sell study guides, share notes from lecture and from class documents. They can also share reading notes and buy or sell outlines of any class project that is imaginable. The website also enables University students to supply additional study materials like lecture notes, class notesand study guides to the marketplace. This would help students who see important notes missing right last night before exam. One can get the exact notes required in Notehall. The notes too will be clean as they will be typed and are easy to understand without the use of acronyms that one wouldn’t know. 

The system of buying notes is simple too. One doesn’t have to fish out debit/credit card each time for buying the notes. There is a credit system by which a student can purchase a credit package once and use it to but various notes. 

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