Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Hands Foundation

With inputs: Shubhendu S.
Happy Hands Foundation strives to revive cultural traditions, art and craft forms through contemporary ways and initiatives such Green Room and Blue-Prints. At Happy Hands, the focus is to create sustainable development opportunities for artisans and craftsmen of India, and encourage them to live a life of dignity, not charity.

The Happy Hands Foundation is an innovative fair trade, not-for-profit organization increasing economic opportunities for artisans and craftsmen in India and empowering them to bring about changes in their lives, their families and communities.

Happy Hands Foundation has impacted the lives of more than 500 artisan families, allowing them an income base from craft-work. Losing these crafts would mean losing an important part of our culture...most of it unexplored, unappreciated.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

with inputs:Debarati Rakshit

Delhi Sustainable Development Summit is an annual summit organized by TERI, a research and policy organization in India in the pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals since 2001. The DSDS attracts worldwide thinkers and practitioners, coming from governments, business and industries, multilateral and bilateral organizations, research and academia and civil society.

The Delhi Sustainable Development Summit is an international undertaking that provides a platform for knowledge exchange and debate on all aspects of sustainable development. The theme of DSDS 2012 is Protecting the Global Commons: 20 years post Rio. The debates at this DSDS will revolve around the commons and take stock of the situation since the Rio summit of 1992.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Three Dot Dash (3DD)

with Inputs: Bindu N. D.

Three Dot Dash (3DD) is a year-round teen leadership and mentoring program that recognizes and supports young changemakers by teaching them how to “tell their stories” powerfully and effectively.

Its mission is to find the worlds next peacemakers and game changers and give them the tools to put peace in to action.

Three Dot Dash is a Global Initiative created by the We Are Family Foundation (yes, like the song)! The Three Dot Dash "Just Peace Summit" is a week long workshop held in New York City for a select group of nominated Global Teen Leaders, who work day in and day out on pressing humanitarian issues. The workshop gives them the tools they need to spread their message and communicate on a global scale to better our world.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Write for the Blind

Write for the Blind are working to make it a little easy for the blind students during examinations by arranging writers for them.  God didn't give few people the sense of sight! But he has given it to us, be thankful and help the needy.
God will bless you :) 

Write for the Blind is an initiative by Alexis, an International Not-for-Profit & Non-Political Organization with Passion for Excellence.

Interested people may write to Write for the Blind at: with details.

If you want to join the team send them your resume with passport size photograph.

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Friday, October 21, 2011


with inputs: Bindu N. D. 

Odanadi was founded 20 years ago by two former journalists Stanly and Parashuram while researching a story on the streets of Mysore. It has three offshore branches at UK, Netherlands & US. 

Odanadi rescue and rehabilitate individuals who have been trafficked, prostituted, enslaved or abused. It offers them a home, counselling, an education and career opportunities. 

Its aim is to create a global movement to combat human trafficking, child exploitation and sexual violence, to rescue, protect and rehabilitate victims of trafficking and help them lead free, independent lives and to ensure that perpetrators of trafficking are brought to justice. 

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Toxics Link

Toxics Link is an environmental NGO dedicated to bring toxics related information into the public domain, both relating to struggles and problems at the grassroots as well as global information to the local levels is based in Delhi with a nodal office in Chennai with a wide network of more than 3000 members. 

Toxics Link engages in on-the ground work especially in areas of municipal, hazardous and medical waste management and food safety among others. Working in networks, utilising community outreach and education, policy analysis, research, training and program development, it works at the state and central levels to help create solutions, which are driven by the needs of people. 

Toxics Link has a unique expertise in the areas of hazardous, medical and municipal wastes, as well as in specific issues such as the international waste trade, and the emerging issues of pesticides and POPs. 

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ujima Project

with inputs: Soubhik C.

Well sourced public data, from all around the world stored in one place. A project through which people can view documents that range from military, environment and economic issues. The project aims to bring collection of databases and documents, among other resources. Through this, it aims to bring transparency in the workings of governments, multinational non-governmental organizations and business enterprises, especially in developing countries.

The Ujima Project paves the way for development in developing countries through the concept of ‘reverse transparency’. The project states that although information on foreign aid, developmental contracts, weapon sales, lobbying among other activities; are easily available in the developed countries, they are hard to come by in developing countries. The Ujima projects steps in here by providing a centralized repository of all such information.

An endeavour by The Center for Public Integrity, an internationally renowned non-profit organization, Ujima project brings to the fore original, responsible journalism on issues of public concern. 

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya

With Inputs: Ira Swasti

The Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (KSV), located in Kalkeri, Dharwad district, Karnataka, provides a musical and academic education to one hundred and sixty children. In addition, food, accommodation, health care and clothing are also provided, and everything is free. There are no fees at all. 

Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya empowers, supports and encourages children from socially marginalized and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to realize their full potential and attain a better life. This is done through an intensive and comprehensive educational program of academics and music which is undertaken in a peaceful rural residential setting.

Through their achievements at KSV the students will be in a position to attain more meaningful livelihoods, thus breaking the cycle of persistent poverty and creating a better future for themselves and their communities. Through their music the children will contribute towards the conservation and diffusion of India’s vast musical heritage. Currently at KSV there are 14 students who are studying higher education courses. 

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