Monday, May 14, 2012

BHUMI: Awakening India

Bhumi is a "Center for learning transformational Grass Roots Leadership" fueled by a vision to create an equitable and strife free society by grooming transformational leaders who will bring about large scale, holistic and sustainable transformation. BHUMI wishes to be a bench mark in grooming transformational leaders across social and economic classes to enable an equitable and strife free society.

Bhumi works for crafting unique leadership learning journeys that enable individuals to bring about empowerment and transformation of marginalized communities while providing opportunity for the individuals to practice leadership in real-life settings.

Bhumi is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working towards sustainable transformation of communities. Its mission is to develop pipelines of leaders and entrepreneurs within communities who are capable of addressing challenges of development and poverty in holistic ways. Bhumi nurtures the capacities of people by developing platforms and frameworks for experiential learning in the areas of Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Management Skills and Vocational Skills and making active & democratic citizen participation the basis for all systemic engagement. 

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