Friday, October 7, 2011


CafeCHD is an initiative to provide an online platform for the students of the most popular colleges in and around Chandigarh. Their vision is to create a public forum and a central database for all news and other valuable information previously flowing in through the word of mouth. 

Get your college a cafe, click here. 
They plan to begin by providing an online notice board, a special section on the general information a fresher would need, basic advice senior has to give to his junior regarding training, academic projects and academics in general, a section on the structure of various clubs and societies, their objectives and procedure to join them, daily news in and around the campus, a moderated discussion forum where students can discuss and share their viewpoint on various topics. 
 Know about more such news, Click here. 


  1. oh this is great :D
    will try to get a cafe in my college as well :)

  2. This is some information even I can share. Thanks for it...