Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ujima Project

with inputs: Soubhik C.

Well sourced public data, from all around the world stored in one place. A project through which people can view documents that range from military, environment and economic issues. The project aims to bring collection of databases and documents, among other resources. Through this, it aims to bring transparency in the workings of governments, multinational non-governmental organizations and business enterprises, especially in developing countries.

The Ujima Project paves the way for development in developing countries through the concept of ‘reverse transparency’. The project states that although information on foreign aid, developmental contracts, weapon sales, lobbying among other activities; are easily available in the developed countries, they are hard to come by in developing countries. The Ujima projects steps in here by providing a centralized repository of all such information.

An endeavour by The Center for Public Integrity, an internationally renowned non-profit organization, Ujima project brings to the fore original, responsible journalism on issues of public concern. 

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