Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 by Soubhik Chakrabarti

KALPAVRIKSH is a non profit organisation working on environmental and social issues. The group began in 1979 with a campaign led by students to save Delhi's Ridge Forest. They work on local, national and global levels and are based in Delhi and Pune. Kalpavriksh believes that a country can develop meaningfully only when ecological sustainability and social equity are guaranteed, and a sense of respect for, and oneness with nature and fellow humans is achieved.

Throughout the years, KALPAVRISHK has led many awareness campaigns, and done research on environment development issues. KALPAVRISHK has taken many strong positions on environmental issues and have even resorted to street demonstrations and protest letters as a means of highlighting those issues. 

KALPAVRISHK did detailed studies of the impacts due to the building of the Narmada projects as well as carried out investigations into the police firing that happened in Bharatpur bird reserve.  With its strong stands on many important environmental issues, the NGO has ensured that environmental concerns are echoed and steps taken to protect the environment. 

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