Friday, August 19, 2011

Thar Integrated Social Development Society (TISDS)

Journalist: Ramya Ajay 

TISDS, a Jaisalmer-based non-governmental organisation, has been actively involved in addressing the regional ecological issues since 1994. Interestingly, it was in 1986, that a group of 15 higher secondary school students got together in Jaisalmer to address the environmental issues related to forestry, sacred groove and traditional rainwater harvesting systems and land management. And finally in April 1994 they registered the group as TISDS. Since then they have been constantly addressing issues concerning forest, land and water in the rural areas of Jaisalmer.
TISDS has been largely involved in generating ecological awareness in the rural areas through gram baithaks, reviving Oran (sacred groves) in the region and popularizing traditional rainwater harvesting systems for instance, nadis, paar, tankas etc. Old and dilapidated nadis at Damodara, Dujasar were restored to meet the drinking water requirement of the human and livestock population.
Similarly, TISDS was involved in rejuvenating the paar system at Khadera and Damodara village. In order to provide drinking water to school students, TISDS constructed a tanka at Salkha village. 

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