Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The Boond mission is to solve some of the biggest global challenges - adequate lighting, access to clean drinking water and pest control affecting the remote areas of the world. Through its innovative environment friendly products and sustainable business oriented approach.

Boond solves big global challenges through collective effort by ordinary individuals. In order to do so, it connects those who have the resources and the capacity to those who still lack the necessities like lighting and clean water. The Boond movement believes that by using innovative technology, smart financing and creating processes for entrepreneurial development, big changes can be made in small increments or boonds. 

Boond creates entrepreneurs who sell and service development products like solar lamps (and home systems), water filters, efficient cooking stoves, dynamo lamps and mosquito nets in remote rural areas or areas affected by calamities (floods etc.). The products are aimed at providing the poor with access to adequate lighting, clean water, efficient cooking and pest control, thereby improving their productivity and health. By train young people in becoming entrepreneurs Boond also provides livelihood to the rural unemployed while at the same time ensuring that best servicing standards are maintained.

The products are manufactured in India and are environmentally friendly. The solar lamp also helps in carbon reduction as it substitutes kerosene usage, thus making a secondary impact as well. 

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