Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reap Benefit

By: Kanika Kakkar

Reap benefit is build on the highlighting and profiling by working with the students and staff to implement solutions to reduce the waste, water or energy footprint and reward them for it. 

Reap Benefit is India's first website to highlight environmental initiatives by educational institutions. 
They work in a three-pronged approach: To make green actions a habit among students, to empower students with practical knowledge of actions across energy, waste & water and to reward students for taking green action, ensuring continued positive action.  The idea is to measure sustainability and track schools or companies that increase their level of self sustainability and then again, reward the individuals who have contributed to the positive change.

Their activities include profiling educational institutions on environment sustainability in a scientific manner to break the information barrier, innovative student engagement programs using out of the box techniques, rewarding students for taking green actions to promote continuity and providing students opportunities in research, design, innovating solutions and communication.

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