Monday, March 5, 2012


By: Ramya Ajay

Tripindya is an NGO that works on spreading awareness among the Indian youth about the social and environmental problems and a platform to counter these very problems. They wished to see an India where people would obey traffic rules. They wish to see an India progressing into the 21st century where the youth are aware of the environmental issues the world is facing. 
They decided to start a concept that would transcend borders, languages, cultures and barriers to spread awareness to the masses across the country on Road Safety, Social and Environmental issues. Hence tripindya started as a dream for a bunch of youngsters who wanted to make a difference in the mindset of today’s urban and semi urban youth.

Tripindya is a platform for the youth to share their ideas and innovations that could help the overall progress of the community. Their mission is that every individual in this great nation gets the satisfaction and happiness in making a fellow citizen happy. They have synthesized a number of concepts that could capture the imagination and creativity of the youth and divert it towards making the community a better place to be. To get more positive vibes out of the surroundings, they started few campaigns like Horn Ok Please & Thank You Visit Again. 

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