Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Inmotion Foundation & Inmotion Media Pvt. Ltd. is an attempt to revamp the basic problems of a major society in India: Auto Rickshaw. Their aim is to organize and symbiotically grow by providing basic education to Auto Drivers and more importantly their kids (8-15 Years) with strong emphasis on Computer literacy/Personality development and Free Schooling.

This is clubbed with other important financial benefits like micro finance, micro insurance. This will be in tandem with using the space on auto rickshaws for advertising- An unorganized and widely untargeted area of advertising in India. They believe that they will bring not only added income to auto rickshaw owners/drivers by adding value to their vehicles and using our organizing, advertising and marketing skills to lure companies/organizations/events and movements to promote their brand/service/product but also an overall upliftment of this segment.

AutomotionAds are a unique model based upon symbiosis and need. They have more than 1500 autos spread across cities and offer penetration and visibility to masses with minimum cost of impression. AutomationAds provides all kind of  advertisement related to Auto Rickshaws. 

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