Monday, May 7, 2012

EZ Vidya

EZ Vidya is India's premier school education products and services organization. All their endeavours are driven by their passion, which is to 'Let the child blossom'. They are headquartered in Chennai, South India and believe in 'cross-fertilized' approach, wherein sharing and learning happens across different functions within and with the partners.

Their services encompass development of academic curricula, training initiatives and strategic engagements with school. Their journey began a decade ago, when computers and technology started to gain entry into schools in a big way. They started out in a small garage where children would come over to explore technology in a meaningful and fun way. Progressively, activities and learning material were designed. EZ Vidya began to approach schools in order to make Information and Communication Technology (ICT) education more meaningful. With a handful of partner schools, EZ Vidya began its foray into formal school education. Today, more than 300 schools partner with EZ Vidya, whereby more than 1,50,000 students derive the benefits of learning and using technology, the Chrysalis way.

Eventually, EZ Vidya also stepped into the domain of teacher professional development. EZ Vidya has trained more than 5,000 teachers, clocking more than 50,000 hours of training, focusing on bringing to our teachers the latest from education research and pedagogy.

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