Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beyond Profit Magazine

Social enterprises change societies and systems, invent new approaches, and create sustainable solutions that generate social development. At a time when traditional businesses and their leaders are failing to address the society's problems, the world is seeking new models to bring innovative solutions to challenges related to poverty, climate change, education, and health.

Beyond Profit, a new social enterprise magazine, presents the stories, people and ideas behind these innovating social ventures by bringing you first-hand insights and expert commentary. Beyond Profit is the leading publication focused on for-profit social enterprise and development innovation in South Asia. 

The magazine sparks "beyond profit" thinking in the hopes that the reader will make change--either by starting an enterprise or by investing time or capital in fostering new development approaches.

The publication is brought to you by Intellecap - a social investment advisory firm providing services to the for-profit development sector in areas such as financial inclusion, water, energy and education. 

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