Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ekjaa Campus Leader

The Ekjaa Campus Leader (ECL) program transforms people to undertake leadership roles and hones managerial skills. The Leader would form a team of Task Managers who would perform pre-disbursal monitoring and select the project. The projects would be further streamlined by the Leader and showcased and marketed on online social portals and offline.

The Campus Leaders and Task managers would own the social project on Ekjaa that is doing marketing of the project through Ekjaa, ensuring the right use of funds, working on fund-raising strategies, HR and finance related activities. This gives people an opportunity to implement their knowledge at grass root level and gain practical experience.

The program is already being implemented at IIT-Mumbai by Aditi Jain who views it as “ a unique opportunity for young people to use their skills to achieve a unanimous growth” and at Vellore Institute of Technology by Abhishek Jain. These kind of programs encourage community engagement and guides youth on the way to be rightly involved in social welfare activities and indulge a sense of responsibility in them towards society.
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