Sunday, June 19, 2011

Leaders For Tomorrow

Leaders for Tomorrow Foundation is a NOT FOR PROFIT youth based NGO aimed at awakening the social consciousness of youth by encouraging them in volunteerism and personality development. It’s a platform for youths to exchange ideas for social change and an opportunity for putting these ideas into action. They aim at sensitizing the youth with many relevant programmes and empower the millions of youth to be the AGENTS OF CHANGE. 

Leaders for Tomorrow is a youth movement that started from a small initiative by the founder, Mr. Binoy Job, Director for Media and Communications to the Prime Minister of India. 

Their soul motto is to develop change makers and channelize the great potential of the youth towards Nation Building. They provide opportunistic platform where youths can express their views, generate ideas, interact with senior leaders and achievers, educate themselves on issues of public importance, learn new skills, enhance personality and in the process ignite the LEADER IN YOU. They aim at grooming college students in leadership and social development. Thus, to make YOUTH the most important factor in nation building.

The base unit of ‘Leaders for Tomorrow’ is its branch in a college or an educational institution. This smallest unit is called the 'Leaders for Tomorrow Club.' The unit for every state or central university is called a 'Leaders for Tomorrow Chapter.' Their Annual programmes comprises of a Youth Leadership Summit, a Youth Festival for Social Development and a Youth Awakening Rally.

Leaders for Tomorrow has become a turning point for many young aspiring students, who have achieved laurels in Development Sector, Public Policy, Journalism, Management and Leadership. Today, Leaders for Tomorrow with more than 32,000 student members from universities and colleges in Delhi, has become the largest youth movement in Delhi/NCR. 

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  1. i have worked for this ngo for an year:)

  2. Tarunima : great work ! you could have let us know about it earlier, though you can help us now also, let us know about more such people who are working for a change ! Keep coming back :)

  3. check out the yp foundation on facebook:)
    i like that organization,they do great work:)

  4. thanks tarunima:) unknowingly you helped me a lot.. will tell you more amount it later on, thanks :)
    and please go through the join us tab :)

  5. Ramesh: why are you thanking me Sir?? well it feels good than too :P