Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Kutumb Foundation

By: Kimberley Fernandes

The Kutumb Foundation was initiated by a group of young people who felt that there is an increasing need to develop a sense of community among urban displaced people belonging to lower income groups through the spread of education and to provide them with greater employment opportunities as well as better conditions of employment.

They felt the need for greater transparency in the NGO sector and better management practices in its functioning, and such practices must be developed through research into their existing ways of functioning; and, the corporate sector could and ought to be involved in social works, especially in the area of welfare programs for children, as an investment in our future.

In a short period of time Kutumb has tried to provide a platform for young people from the non-privileged sections of society to engage in conversations and express themselves through creative forms as diverse as football, painting and theatre. Aiming to provide holistic development, their events are a celebration of the spirit, innocence and vitality of children.

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  1. / celebration of the spirit, innocence and vitality of children/
    like that concept

  2. I think it is great as they are working for their economical and social life as well...