Monday, February 20, 2012

Peace Oath

Peace Oath is a Social Peace Movement initiated by enthusiastic youngsters aspiring to create a society embedded in peace. It is founded by Anil Shetty, a young social entrepreneur who ventured into the business arena at a tender age of 19. 
Through Social Peace Movement, it is trying to initiate the process of peaceful co-existence in society, happier living for you and others around. As individuals, they desire happiness and peace in our lives, and Social Peace embodies these within its milieu.

In their own words, Peace Oath is only a means of committing oneself to making your life and the life of others around you a little more peaceful and joyous. Peace Oath is not the end goal, but it is the means of achieving that goal. The Oath is something personal, a commitment to oneself, and must not be a superficial, a one-time commitment only. 

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