Saturday, February 11, 2012

Waste Ventures

by: Riddhi Mukherjee

Waste Ventures incubates solid waste management companies owned and operated by waste pickers. It provides them a solid waste management blueprint to recycle, compost, and earn carbon credits from waste collected in addition to organizational assistance in devising a profitable business that can attract commercial investment.

Waste Ventures adopts an inclusive strategy where it is aiming to work together with all stakeholders in the Waste Management ecosystem. Their operations are oriented around three main activities - Build, Disseminate and Foster. In order to create a new sector of waste management in developing countries it believes it's necessary to go beyond simply creating waste picker corporations, but also enable others to follow our blueprint as well as changing the regulatory environment for waste management.

Waste Ventures mission is transforming the way garbage is handled all over the developing world into a more environmentally and socially friendly process based on market mechanisms.

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