Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Sanchayan works in the area of Financial Literacy, Financial Inclusion and Investor Education. It works for enhancing income and enabling qualitative financial inclusion for the youth, urban migrants and rural populations through a gendered approach to savings, financial literacy and micro finance using technology.

It works towards disseminating financial literacy to youth and adults especially from the underprivileged sections, undertaking literacy drives to create awareness about disadvantaged section's financial rights and obligations, facilitating the inclusion of the underprivileged section into the mainstream banking and financial services industry, spreading awareness so that youth and adults are protected from financial risks and are financially secure and working with the government and regulators to provide basic financial products and services for the youth.

Sanchayan works in 3 verticals, school & college youth, urban migrants and rural poor with a focus on livelihoods. It promotes maximum utilization of available financial products and services among the Indian public and complementing the existing academic curriculum in schools and colleges by addition of financial education workshops to create smart future investors.
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  1. That's wonderful. I think financial literacy is must to plan the future.

  2. Dear Saru, many thanks for your appreciation. Yes, financial literacy in India is very low and that's why Sanchayan is trying to make the youth and adults financially smart. Please do visit us at if you find some time. Thanks.

  3. Great work indeed.. suggest us such more organizations to focus on N2MN.. :)