Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ekjaa Campus Leader (ECL) : Stage 1

Ekjaa Campus Leader (ECL) has opened new avenue for students to contribute in the social development of India. The students at IIT-Mumbai have proactively taken the initiative under the Ekjaa Campus Leader's Aditi Jain & Suyash Dusad & accomplished Stage 1 of the program in which they choose the social cause of their passion, find the respective social organization and ; endeavor in Cause Related Marketing.  

Prior to the event students were given task to choose the social project of their choice. They had to research on NGOs, their social project impact and registrations like 80G/12AA/FCRA that got them acquainted with various NGOs and their projects. 

Ekjaa aims to target only one college per city in India.
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In this phase the youth is exposed to various dimensions of NPO & it’s working while selecting a genuine Social Project. Ekjaa aims to sensitize the youth about the ongoing in the development sector of India. ECL is successfully running in NSIT - Delhi & is on its way to conform the Corporate Social responsibility requirements of corporate through employee engagement in the welfare sector. 

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