Sunday, April 22, 2012


Women Aloud Video blogging for Empowerment (WAVE) is a unique digital platform for young semi-urban Indian women to voice their perspectives on issues that matter through video blogs. One young woman was selected through non-government organizations and colleges from every state in India for an innovative 9-month mentor-ship program, and provided with video equipment, intensive training and monthly stipends for participating in the project.

WAVE was an inspired idea of Sapna Shahani and Angana Jhaveri and took flight after winning a grant from 2009 Digital Media and Learning Competition. 

With this first-of-its-kind citizen journalism program, WAVE aims to share compelling videos that start conversations and builds bridges across global boundaries to enable the exchange of novel solutions. WAVE hopes that this new video material from areas as far as Aizawl and Trivandrum will not only inspire action within the community, but also engage individuals and organizations working towards development, academics, researchers, and social investors. 

WAVE’s philosophy is that young women in India need to be heard and encouraged to analyze the problems in their communities and go on to become leaders who provide effective solutions in order for society to become socially and economically empowered.

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