Monday, April 9, 2012

Search Years : Igniting Young Minds

By: Kanika Kakkar

Search Years vision is to create a positive environment where children and young people can realize their full potential, take control of their lives and interact with the world around them. Its mission is to research, create, develop and employ such innovative mediums and tools that make the process of learning inspiring, impaction and above all, full of wonderment and fun for our partners – children.

Search Years partners with young minds through the stages when they begin to question and search for answers. They understand that development of a child should not only be on a physical and mental level, but spiritual, personal and social planes too, SY through education raises awareness about social issues and motivates young people to be the engines of change. Search Years partners with individuals, corporate and organizations to have them share their knowledge equity by placing highly qualified and motivated educators from the community in government schools to improve the quality of education in the under- served and challenging schools. 

Their volunteer educators from the community engage in active teaching of academic, environmental, cultural and art education by using creative tools, interactive mediums and play, thereby enhancing impact and wonder in the learning process.

SY works in government schools, to make education meaningful and fun, improve student enrollment and attendance and bring down school drop-out rate by adopting teaching methodologies that inspire a sense of discovery and transform learning into a joyous experience for children. They infuse quality in education through creative and innovative methods of delivering the content based on the syllabus drawn by the concerned boards of education.

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