Tuesday, April 3, 2012


By: Alam Bains

Rickshawale™ was all born to put an end to the worries of commuters in Mumbai, they identified that auto rickshaws, which are a cheap mode of quickly zipping around, form the backbone of public transport in Mumbai. It was clear that there was a pressing need to create a smoother commuting experience that is affordable and pleasantly convenient. Thus was born Rickshawale in June 2011, Mumbai’s first 24 hour auto rickshaw booking service for Mumbaikars that is a worthy option to the more expensive and often unavailable radio cab services.
Rickshawale™ is a service for Mumbaikars to book an auto rickshaw for local travel, simply by dialing the phone number 9664010101 / 022-257347474.

Rickshawale™  are a team of professionals from the Transport, Logistics and Digital Technology fields who are ably supported by the valuable team of ex-auto rickshaw drivers and owners of auto rickshaws, along with the largest fleet of auto rickshaws in Mumbai. This helps them to understand the real needs of passengers and the areas where they can positively affect the lives of auto rickshaw drivers. They are passionate about using technology to make life simpler and committed to delightful customer service. 
Rickshawale™ has the largest single fleet of auto rickshaws in Mumbai, who are present across the city at any time of the day and night. 

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