Friday, August 5, 2011

Kushal Cook Stove

90% of the rural and 38% of the urban population in Madhya Pradesh cook with firewood using inefficient cook stoves. It indicates that large numbers of households are dependent on traditional three stone stoves or mud stove. This has led to brutal deforestation in the region and negative health impacts due to indoor air pollution caused by the smoke.

Therefore, it was felt that energy intrusion needed to be incorporated with development actions. This led to development of a cook stove which can give social and environmental benefits. The design of the improved cook stove Kushal was developed with active participation, inputs and suggestion from users. 

Kushal cook stove has a robust, maintenance free design made of durable materials to make sure longer performance.  Its efficient design ensures complete combustion of fuel and cleaner fire therefore uses considerably less fuel as compare to traditional stoves. This means speedy cooking, time and fuel savings, cleaner pans, kitchen walls and indoor atmosphere. 

The only school in village Samnapur (Jabalpur) is primary government school. Under the mid day meal programme school provides lunch to every student prepared by village’s women self helper group (SHG). Following the installation Kushal stove in early 2010, the school realized a noteworthy range of benefits. According to the SHG, it is now saving a lot of wood which translates to reduced school expenditure on fuel wood and the quality of the food has improved with meals being served on time. 

The Kushal stove have transformed the kitchen environment and the cooks now enjoy better working conditions.

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  1. Kushal cook stove! that's interesting...

  2. always good to see solutions to real problems, thanks.