Tuesday, August 30, 2011

KHOJ Foundation

Back around 26 November 2005 Khoj started as a small initiative with 3 volunteers at Dilli Haat, providing literacy to 11 children who earned their livelihood by polishing shoes. 

Its vision is to envision a world without apathy and indifference, a society where every individual is aware about social issues and takes responsibility towards these issues. Its objectives are to enable the children on streets to express their thoughts in writing and comprehend the meaning of what they read. To empower the children to explore things in their own right and make decisions which are in harmony with themselves and the society at large. To enable children to earn their livelihood with dignity by developing skills, abilities and talents to better support themselves and their families. Promote volunteerism and a sense of social responsibility amongst people towards the life of the children on streets. 

Till now they have targeted around 120 children at 7 different sites in south Delhi. KHOJ foundation became a support system for the children guiding them towards a dignified life and educational opportunities. Over 1500 volunteers have worked with KHOJ since its inception. 

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  1. It's a brilliant endeavor. Imparting wisdom is a great task.