Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pankhudi Foundation

Pankhudi Foundation is a Social Development Organization (a registered Charitable Trust in India) with a few likeminded people from different parts of world who share among them a drive to do their bit towards the making of a cognitive society. With an intention to put collective efforts, they are here to work together and gather people who find themselves inspired to uplift the lives of those children who grow with inadequate education, resources and psychological supports - several calls them as "Underprivileged" and "Orphans". 

Pankhudi was formed with an inclusive goal in mind to uplift under-privileged children of the society. The birth of Pankhudi (April 18th, 2005 IIT Bombay) was around the idea of connecting minds with similar vision, passion, ideas, action plans and commitment, and this was achieved through a seed community of Pankhudi on Orkut.

Milestones have been set in its progress so far by their small but persistent efforts. Shahzad Wakeel, Founder of Pankhudi, is an alumnus of IIT Bombay and a young professional with diverse experience in various domains and has keen interest in architecting ‘communities of practice’.

Pankhudi strongly introduces the concept of mass-volunteering and communicates that every individual can pitch in some of their time, energy and effort in imparting adequate & value education and necessary healthcare to the needy children of our society - to ensure empowered, healthy and responsible future generations.

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  1. Great endeavor by an IITian, thanks the sharing and will spread the message to like minded people.