Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Studpreneur is India’s first Exclusive Student startup Catalyst” firm. It host playground for existing and wannable Gen-Y Student Entrepreneurs. They are an Active Catalyzer in creating  Sustainable, Scalable & Profitable Student Startups
They work in exploring and road mapping Sustainability, Scalability and Profitability which they term as the three Startup Success zones of Studpreneur. Every initiative of Studpreneur will be directed towards a Student startup achieving the entry to these success zones.

Its mission is to innovate the student startup culture & help create Sustainable, Scalable & Profitable student start ups. They work for the empowerment of youth and transforming lives via enterprise.

If you are a student looking to startup then connect with like minded Souls at Studpreneur, Click here
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  1. Interesting idea!! Will be beneficial to budding student entrepreneurs :)