Thursday, July 21, 2011

ACT MAGAZINE: Atelier Community Theatre

ACT, creative review of Indian Theatre, is a quarterly magazine devoted to theatre and performing arts by Atelier Theatre.

Atelier a registered body is headed by Rajiv Bawa in capacity as a Chairperson. It’s a workshop of communication enthusiasts who have over the time stood in the forefront of organizing Creative Educational Programmes and devising socially relevant plays.

ACT is an offshoot of Atelier’s Capacity building Project for the Creative Youth to make theatre and performing arts approachable and experiential rather than intellectually compartmentalized and elite.

ACT Magazine like its very name acts as a medium to reach out to masses employing the written word. The agenda is unambiguous: channelizing the growing energies in the theatre circuits in Delhi and nearby regions in general and Campus Theatre in the University of Delhi in particular, collating, documenting and archiving the craft.

Moreover, ACT would also act as an interface for the professional practitioners and the college upcoming actors and directors. The content of the journal would include academic papers and popular theatre cultures coupled with theatre photography.

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  1. I really like your blog, Rachit! It's so informative. Every post, I discover something new...and something positive! Keep it up!!

  2. Thanks all:)

    Ira: Its just not a blog, its a start-up with a website soon to be launched. Read the Join us section. For blog, visit Weakest LINK. :)

  3. great...when the website coming up?

  4. Sub: Soon.. :) visit join us section to help us. :)