Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Commutiny – The Youth Collective

Commutiny – The Youth Collective (CYC) is a group that promotes youth development in India.  They understand that to bring the youth in the centre of development processes, they need to build an enabling environment, a positive image of young people and their contribution, and facilitate a big leap in mainstreaming youth centric processes in the country

Commutiny is a collective of like-minded professionals from diverse organizations who believe passionately in the power of young people to envision the future and to act in the present. 

While working directly with youth and youth organizations CVC also work actively with the media which needs to resurrect itself as a genuine dipstick of the youth pulse and become a responsible platform for getting authentic youth voices into the mainstream. CVC overall goal is to promote youth leadership for greater participation in decision making.
CYC’s Creative Media & Policy Group equips youth at the grassroots with media tools and resources to enhance the positive social impact in Commutiny. 

The Commutiny Learning and Leadership Journeys (LLJ) is a yearlong programme for Young Change Leaders from across India; the Programme offers support for a Journey of intensive personal learning and reflection, combined with an opportunity to lead an independent social change experiment.

It was all started back in 2006, when Pravah and the Youth & Civil Society Initiative of Sir Ratan Tata Trust (YACS-SRTT) worked together to develop strategies for strengthening youth development in India.

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  1. यह वास्तव में एक नई जानकारी है. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद!

  2. develop the youths and the country develops...