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The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) is student-run organization of the Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences. HPAIR organizes Harvard University's largest annual student conferences in the Asia-Pacific region. Since 1991, it has continuously gathered a growing pool of international students from top universities, renowned academics, business professionals, and political leaders to engage in our rigorous educational events.

The Academic Conference is HPAIR's oldest flagship program, centring on six stimulating workshops that bring together undergraduate and graduate students to interact with a distinguished group of speakers and explores issues ranging from international security to natural resources. Workshops include speeches and discussion, interactive projects and activities, and are framed by serious research. In addition to the workshops, plenary sessions, panels, workshops, and other events allow each conference to span a multitude of issues relevant to the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition to its international conferences, HPAIR aims to promote understanding of the economic, political, social, and cultural issues facing the Asia-Pacific region within the Harvard community by organizing panels and other events on Harvard's campus. Through all of its activities, HPAIR strives to maintain the vision of its mission statement: "to promote understanding of the economic, political, social, and cultural issues facing the Asia-Pacific region within the Harvard and international communities." 

In the year 2006 the conference was held in Mumbai, business capital of India, and was hosted by Indian Institute of Management Ahemdabad. After 6 years another Indian University BITS Pilani Hyderabad campus is bidding for the HPAIR Conference in 2012. India has emerged as a major force in Asia in recent years and given its robust economy and young population India’s influence as a major player on world stage is expected to grow in the near future. There could not have been a more apt time for the conference to be hosted in India.

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Source: HPAIR
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