Sunday, July 17, 2011


N2MN first Start-Up Venture Post

AdvenD, a visionary project of Ankit Vij, Roohani Arora, Shravan Suri and Prateek Jain, taps the potential which lies in the availability of advertisement space for roadside vendors, and in turn equips them with a better looking stall, ease of registration, hygienic selling conditions, and a provident fund type scheme which will subsequently enhance their standard of living. It’s a service of advertisement for roadside vendors. It will cater to all three major arms of business viz. the vendors, the advertisers and the general public.

The idea is unique because it aims to be complete in its essence. AdvenD have a bunch of professional designers for the work of designing different types and sizes of stall catering to each and every vendor.

AdvenD is a new and highly attractive way of advertising and aims to revolutionize not only the marketing but also the advertisement sector. 

N2MN wishes AdvenD success.  

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