Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chavvi Rajawat

Journalist: Srishti Kush

Chavvi Rajawat, a 31 year old, born in Rajasthan is an alumnus of Lady Shri Ram College and holds a management degree. The jeans-clad Rajaway could easily be mistaken for some model or a bollywood actress. But she quit her corporate job and left city life to help develop rural India and serve her village Soda, a village sixty kilometers from Jaipur, Rajasthan as the youngest women sarpanch.
She was the chairperson of the 11th Info-Poverty World Conference held at the United Nations in March 2011. "In three years I will transform my village. I don't want money. I want people and organizations to adopt projects in my village as often projects fail owing to lack of a local connect and that is what I am here to provide by bridging that gap.” says Chavvi.

From a village largely known for its water bodies, Soda was losing them as one after the other water body was drying out. But, after becoming sarpanch, the first task that she took upon herself was to de-silt an old water body. The number of people who joined her in the task voluntarily was another instance of her popularity there. Perhaps the only MBA village head in the country, Chhavi spoke of the necessity to re-think strategies for including new technologies like e-services in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in an era where resources are becoming limited.

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